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Wayland Folding Kayaks is one of the world’s leading kayak producers.

We specialize in the production of kayaks and folding boats, as well as other equipment for practicing water sports and more.

Our products have gained worldwide recognition for both tourism and military purposes. 



This offer contains kayaks available for non-military actions

Military kayaks

These products are available only for military and non-civilian actions


We have 25 years of experience in folding kayak production and we want you to become a satisfied user of our equipment as well. We give you a complete and proven kit of military kayaks that provide quiet and difficult to detect movements of two operators along with a sufficient amount of combat equipment on all sorts of areas of water.

The kayak has an official NSN code identifing it in the MCLRM system. Formoza 550 kayak was created due to extensive consultation with users recruiting special units. Battle kayaks are produced exclusively from the best quality materials and therefore our suppliers are the only leaders in their respective industries.


our philosophy

We make each kayak by hand paying attenion to the smallest details. It is our strength which makes us produce kayaks not only for our own use but also for other top brands, which have trusted us. There are no requirements that we can not meet, no unresolved problems, we do not give up without fighting. If you have special wishes with regards to your foldable kayak, we will do our best to fill them.

These are people who are professionally involved in traveling on water: nature photography, filmmakers, government agents, water police, off shore patrol units, professional hunters, firefighters, but also individual tourists. There are also special units in this group and we specialize in special lines of our products

our customers