Achilli 500


achilli 500



assignment: landing-patrol operations - commando unit

Application characteristics:

Wayland MK I ACHILLI 500 SOF – folding kayak designed intentionally for commandos operating on water Kayak is characterized by strengthened frame and skin construction as well as additional functional features enable fast and discreet moving by one operator with necessary operational equipment

NATO structures operations

– discreet patrolling of aquatic industrial objects (docks, dams, harbor infrastructure) at bad weather condition – aquatic patrolling from parent bigger boats – defense and patrolling of territorial waters, sea border zones, bog (swamp) borderline parts – patrolling coastal zones to protect them from infiltration, round the island patrol, , sea level, inaccessible parts patrol, mangrove forests patrol, coastline, lakes, rivers, and aquatic areas, sea level – radio beacons and hydro-acoustic buoys service – exploring and charting of sea currents, weather and sailing conditions reconnaissance

Offensive operations

– discreet transportation and efficient withdrawing of operators along with necessary equipment into mission area

– transportation and collection of civilian and military persons from zones infiltrated by enemy

– target approach at hard atmospheric conditions such as: storm, ice float, strong wind, arctic conditions

– launching and landing operations from other aqueous and aerial units i.e. helicopter, plane, carrier, submarine

– landing operations on water: 10 m airdrop ( 95% of undamaged elements), 5 m airdrop ( 100% of undamaged elements of kayak)

– approach and withdraw of mission area from far distance along coastline, offshore waters, along rivers run

– shuttle traffic service between river banks

– arctic area operations (good thermal insulation from water)

– airdrop with parachute into mission are


  • Kayak length / width – 500 x 75 cm (excluding rudder). Cockpit length / width – 150 x 45 cm
  • Kayak without accessories weight – +/- 30kg. Payload – 350 kg. 500l internal capacity
  • Black matt finish wood frame
  • Deck colours –Black (Sattler Black) – default standard colour, Olive Green (Sattler Nato Khaki)
  • Sponsons – 4 (Quattro) bow to stern removable air sponsons , enclosed in black nylon sleeves.
  • Protective keel strips (outside of hull) – one central 25 cm floor keel strip + two side 6cm keel strips 6 cm (standard)
  • Decks – holders for 1 spare split paddles, bow to stern deck lines, anchor pocket, bow / stern deck belts with D-rings, central strap net (over the spray cover )– acts as the floor for any kit placed on top), bow & stern carry handles, removable bow / stern splash guards, removable side accessory storage bags.
  • Rudder system with adjustable rudder pedals for rear paddler
  • Inflatable comfort seats – attaches to gunwale frames with adjustable straps 1 or 2 x packing bags with floatation airbags for water transport (float the kayak bags on water). Hull (kayak skin) packing bag comes with an integrated loading tray – when bag is inwardly folded, this attaches to the rear deck creating a flat platform ‘tray’ for paddler / diver in the water. Kayak frame carry bag –


  • spray cover with re1 removable spray skirt and adjustable shoulder straps, 1 x camouflage kayak cover (camouflage patterns on request),
  • 1 x split black paddles,
  • hoisting lifting straps for raising / launching the boat – use with air transport (helicopters) or mother ships,
  • central cargo storage bag or net (attaches to cargo net platform)


repair kit with spare alu parts and patches of deck/hull materials, neoprene glue

spare parts catalogue [pdf]


  • Bow / stern pieces, ribs, gunwales – marine plywood
  • Longerons / stringers, gunwales, coaming / breakwater – Ash / Beech
  • Treated with 1 coat beige / mordant primer, 2 layers of transparent non-reflective salt water resistant varnish and 1 final coat of matt paint with low radar/infrared signature. Cross ribs & keel board have printed numbers. Night identification marks (plastic pips) available on request.
  • Fittings – marine aluminium (ENAW 6082) and non-magnetic stainless steel


  • Upper deck –Sattler fabric or TPU fabric or Diklon Marine fabric created specifically for marine applications. Tear resistant, waterproof, UV resistant, colour proofed. 
  • Hull – Heavy duty grade 1400 g ORCA Hypalon (1670 dtex, 1500 deniers) / or lighter 1000 g TPU

Other features / accessories available – optional extras

  • Deck loading hatches – rear deck or front & rear decks. NB –front hatches can be combined with anchor holder and front paddle pockets
  • Kayak carry shoulder straps, Folding anchor, Downwind sail rig, or full Latin sail rig Foot braces for front paddler, Spare sponsons (2 pieces), marine compass
  • Accessory mount board (front or rear) – clamps on breakwater, to self attach various mounts. (EG marine compass, cleats, torch, etc)
  • 2x internal storage bags with external pockets for holding small items. SUPER MOLLE fixing system

additional documents